Monday, June 16, 2014

The HuffPost's Biased Coverage of Abduction Story

The Huffington Post's pattern of bias hasn't changed much over the past few years. The headline choice and picture selection remain as skewed as ever, as we can see in the one article about three Israeli children (including an American) who were kidnapped by what looks like a Palestinian terrorist group. First up, the generic outside headline picture:

Finding pictures of the victims is reserved exclusively for non-Israelis, as we have determined. Still, at least this has a picture. Check out the inside headline:

 Now the Huffington Post isn't sure if there was a kidnapping, or even if there were three teenagers at all. Israel just said something, it might not be true.

Finally, the thread was highly typical of the Huffington Post, including the expected anti-Semitism:

If the Huffington Post moderation is still working, they might want to take another look at their algorithms.


  1. So true. If the story was about Palestinians being victims, HP would never say in their headlines "The PA or PUG Says..". HP philosophy is that their can only be one victim in this conflict and one bully and it's obvious who's who according to them. I hope their readership is suffering since their new policy was put in place last year. They need a serious competitor without the heavily sided Pro Arab, Pro Leftist views.

  2. Except for some familiar names, there's a whole new crap of anti-Israel/Jewish posters. The mid-East is imploding but they couldn't care less, they only spring to life on threads about Israel--check out the one about the Presbyterians' divestments. And the new format is awful. Hope HP goes under; Facebook too for that matter.


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