Thursday, January 17, 2013

Max Blumenthal Gets It Wrong

Former (and possibly future) Huffington Post blogger Max Blumenthal has recently tweeted some lies about Israel, which I thought I would share. Here's the tweet:

As soon as Blumenthal said "I think" that's when I knew he was lying. And sure enough, he was! Whether by omission or not he is giving a misleading point of view. The picture is not from any Facebook page, it's from the New York Times. And it is not of the Israeli Border Police, it is of their special forces. The Palestinians are stripped because they were involved in a highway chase in a van that was believed to be carrying explosives. It also took place in 2006. This link has more.

Blumenthal seems to have his audience think that Israeli border police routinely strip Palestinians and leave them lying in a field when it's pretty clear that this was something quite other than routine. Fifteen hours later, and still no correction. No wonder the Huffington Post likes to have him as a blogger.

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